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About Us

Pioneering feats have always been supported by pioneering teams, whether its scaling Everest or landing on the Moon. Yet very little support is provided to pioneering Founders. Many offerings help Founders develop innovative ideas and business models but nothing exists to prepare founders for the treacherous journey ahead. Until now. We are The Founder Lab. Built by Founders for Founders, we develop winning capacity and capability to de-risk ventures and improve the odds of achieving those pioneering feats.

Experience Matters

We are a team of serial founders with private and public exits to boot. We started as pirates in Corporates but that was never the long game. We have made more mistakes than most so that you dont have to. With over 10 years experience across more than 300 startups we have what it takes to build the next investable Founder.

Why Us?

Our unique Founder development method, venture development IP, knowhow and networks run deep and are trusted by some of the best investors and startup programs across Australia. However our key uniqueness comes from caring deeply about building better humans because they make better Founders who in turn build better businesses. This mitigates risks in startup portfolios and increases returns for both founders and investors.

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