Founder Resilience: Your best investment


As a Founder most of us often find ourselves feeling uncertain, anxious and in many cases, beaten and defeated. The startup journey will test you this way, more than most careers. In my experience, tackling a problem that very few have tackled leaves you feeling isolated, depleted and lost. Having launched numerous ventures, I know what this feels like, this is especially true before achieving product-market fit and cashflow positive revenues. It can be scary because you are in a race to achieve sustainability, which adds even more stress. 

As you struggle to bring your idea to market, founders are faced with insurmountable odds, 92% of startups fail within the first 3 years and 72% of Founders in a 2015 UC Berkley study reported that they suffer from mental health concerns. Many founders we see in our Founder Circle’s often ask “Does it ever get easier, will I ever feel more certainty?”. In my experience, the answer is No, not in external events.


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