Stoicism For Startups

I pulled the chute and went all in on my first Startup in 2008, walking away from the safety and familiarity of a corporate job was not all that hard but it wasn’t long before the underlying anxiety I grew up with possessed every waking minute of my life. I clearly remember waking up every morning to debilitating anxiety that meant my morning routine would include the mandatory dry reaching as the thought ‘What the hell have you gotten yourself into’ settled into my consciousness.

If you are a Startup founder you know exactly what I am talking about. That feeling of dread, insecurity and confusion at the insurmountable obstacles to building your dream Startup. Obstacles like running out of money before you break even, rejection from customers and investors and issues with your co-founders are all seemingly inevitable.

When you also consider that 92% of Startups fail within the first two years and that 3 new startups will be launched by the time you finish this...

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